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How Does 3D Technology Work?

How Does 3D Technology Work

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You may not realize it, but the way you view things is critical to your survival. More specifically, humans and many other organisms see things in 3D. This kind of visual perception allows you to sense danger so that you can calculate a route of escape instantaneously. For example, you can judge how close a car is and then jump out of the way. It sounds like a simple process, but it is highly complex. Experts in visual technology are now making it possible for you to view electronic images in 3D. The question is how they are doing it. In other words, how does 3D technology work?

– The Principle behind It

How Does 3D Technology WorkYou have to understand how the human eye works before you can appreciate how 3D technology operates. First, humans have two eyes with a space between them. That is an important point to remember. Each eye captures a slightly different view of a person’s surroundings. Then the brain creates depth as it generates one image from these two views.

Stereoscopic vision is the name scientists use to refer to this phenomenon. Similarly, 3D technology produces two distinct images. Then it sends one image to one eye and the other image to the other eye. That means your eyes are capturing two different images from the electronic source and therefore, your brain creates depth as it processes these images.

– The Principle in Action: Anaglyph Glasses

How Does 3D Technology WorkAnaglyph glasses transmit light in a unique way. Each one of them comes with two lenses. One is red while the other one is cyan. The red lens allows red light to pass through it while the cyan lens allows any color to pass through it except red. That means your eyes would see different images since one lens rests on one eye while the other lens rests on the other eye. Your brain would create depth as it fuses these two images together. Anaglyph glasses are inexpensive and their method of creating 3D images is simple. However, the pictures created in your mind are monochrome and fuzzy. They also make you feel nauseous.

– The Principle in Action: Polarizing Lenses

Light travels as a wave along a particular plane. It can move along this plane in an up-down motion, in a side-to-side motion or both. In this case, you would wear polarizing lenses. Each one would polarize the light in a different way. For example, the right lens would receive light traveling in an up-down motion. The left lens would receive light moving in a side-to-side direction. That means the right and the left eye would receive two different images. Consequently, the brain would create depth as it combines these two images to form one picture. Creating 3D images is also possible through active-shutter and lenticular technology.

– Common Uses of 3D Technology

How Does 3D Technology WorkThis advancement is revolutionizing society. For example, movies are now in 3D. Watching such films enhances the feeling that you are a part of what you are seeing. Moreover, 3D technology is taking the gaming world by storm. In fact, almost all video games creators are incorporating it into their latest projects. Architects are also taking advantage of it because they can use it to create an awesome presentation.