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7 Most Playing Computer Games of 2014

Most Playing Computer Games

The video gaming industry is booming with market analysts predicting revenue sales worth $99.6 billion this year. In 2015, computer games accounted for the latest share of this market. More specifically, sales in this market segment stood at $32 billion in 2015. PC games are popular because they are cheap. Moreover, these games are almost infinite so players can choose the ones that suit their personal taste and preferences. Here are some top games listed;

1. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Most Playing Computer Games In this game, you play the part of an Inquisitor. Your job is to close a tear in the skies known as the Breach. Can you do it? Those who believe in you see you as the only one who can do it. You should not disappoint them. Developed by a Canadian company called BioWare, this game is exciting and unique. You should try it sometime.

2. Far Cry 4

Can you imagine battling scores of soldiers and the jungle at the same time? Well, this game provides that kind of thrill for you. You get to play the part Ajay Ghale, an American who is also a citizen of a fictional Himalayan country. The country is in chaos as civil war reigns there, but you have to complete several missions and you must not fail. Are you ready for this mission?

3. Valiant Hearts: The Great War

The name says it all. This game is about World War 1 also known as the Great War. The inspiration for creating it came from letters written by soldiers who took part in this massive conflict. In it, four characters come to the aid of a German soldier. More specifically, they help him find the one he loves. Valiant Hearts is a powerful game revolving around sacrifice, friendship, and survival.

4. Legend of Grimrock II

Most Playing Computer Games Released in October 2014, this game became an instant hit among game enthusiasts. The most appealing part about it is its gothic theme. For example, using weapons, magic spells, or alchemy to achieve your objective is possible. You also get to solve riddles, complete puzzles, and search for hidden treasures among other things. This game is a sequel to Legend of Grimrock I.

5. Dark Souls II

Bandai Namco published this game in early 2014 making it available for use on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The setting of the game is the fictional world of Drangleic. Here, you would battle against the harsh environment found in Drangleic and some of the characters that exist there. The game is a sequel to Dark Souls I. Dark Souls I had sold more than 2.3 million three years after its release. This sequel might perform just as well as its predecessor did.

6. Wolfenstein: The New Order

Most Playing Computer Games This game has an interesting setting. Can you imagine living in a situation where the Germans had won Second World War? That is a terrifying thought because fighting your way through such a dictatorial regime would be difficult, dangerous, and exhilarating. Are you up to the task? The game progresses in chapters and you have to make a moral choice before you start it.

7. Alien: Isolation

This list would not be complete without a computer game that focuses on Aliens. Alien places an emphasis on survival horror and stealth. As a player, you have to outsmart an alien creature throughout the game. You can do that with gadgets such as a flamethrower and a motion tracker. The inspiration for this game came from the 1979 horror film known as Alien. Ridley Scott, a renowned producer, directed that movie.